Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wolf Lovers.
Wolf Haters.


We are all in this together, until one of us decides to break apart and rupture the collective energy.

This is directed at a young woman named Katsumi.

The reason for doing so is because she left this for me this morning, on Google plus, after I expressed my dismay over her actions encouraging civil disobedience towards Idaho Governor Butch Otter.

There are two news articles about the unfortunate incident here, but I can't bring myself to embed the video from one of them, as it causes to me cringe when I watch it.



And why do I give a rat's ass?

Not because I dislike Katsumi, as I do not know the woman. Not because she obviously did not have her facts straight concerning my stance and history of advocacy for wolves.

It is because of this:

Katsumi, you asked me to show myself.

Here I am.

You and your group, in my estimation, set back our collective efforts at peaceful, legal, and lasting attempts for dialogue with an extremely defensive anti wolf faction in Idaho.

You might want to consider the harm you have caused Defenders of Wildlife, who were walking a path of sanity with their action for Idaho wolves:
Sign and share the petition from Defenders of Wildlife requesting that USFWS review Idaho’s wolf policy status, to be considered for relisting Idaho wolves as endangered species under the E.S.A.


Think about it.
What did you and your group achieve, other than some press time?
Not much good that I can see.

Hope we can do some damage control for what you have done, and not lose too many more wolves because of your rash behavior.


You are going to need it.

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