Friday, May 2, 2014

Are you a "Wolfie Nut Job " too ?
That means you can help to save the Gray Wolves, 
and even more than that.

Ok. What a mess. 
I'll try in fewest words possible to piece together all I've learned over the last year as a wolf activist.
Now I know why I left a few years ago. 

Because of the illogical bloodshed of  close to 3,000 gray wolves at the hands of misguided wolf hunters after several states called for a removal of endangered status for Gray Wolves under the federal E.S.A. Throw in the mind boggling, irrational reasons for this via politicians, misguided ranching business owners, and trophy hunting interests who are lobbying for wolf eradication, and it broke my spirit.

For a while. 

But......Wolves Do Not Quit, do we?

We know that Gray Wolves do not need to be hunted into extinction ~ again, in order to protect the USA livestock industry.
We can raise awareness here.

We are awaiting the decision from United States Fish and Wildlife Services, USFWS, headed up by Secretary Sally Jewell and Director Dan Ashe, as to whether or not they intend to carry through with the highly contentious plan, based on flawed science,  to drop endangered species protections for our Gray Wolves from the Endangered Species Act. We are supposed to hear before Fall of 2014.

What I have learned is that Gray Wolves play an irreplaceable role in our environment as Apex Predators, who are instrumental in maintaining the natural ecological balance that we all need to survive. Gray Wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone National Park is the model we should learn from.

It is not a stretch to say that if the Gray Wolf is once again extirpated from the North American landscape, that we are in for a world of hurt.

So, whether or not you see our Gray Wolves as Spirit Totems, simply really beautiful Buddies that always take great portrait shots, or your best pal, it is also really necessary that you see them as the puzzle piece that holds together our food web.

Please learn about Trophic Cascade,  how it affects you, and then please join the other Wolfienutjobs in this challenge to keep our Gray Wolves safe from aggressive state led wolf management policies.

You can help the Alaska Alexander Archipelago wolves in the Tongass National Forest,  by signing two petitions, leaving a comment in your own words, or sending a postcard comment for USWFS here:

In addition to that, we have an open action to encourage USFWS to rescind this disastrous proposal to desist our endangered Gray Wolves from protection of the E.S.A., and a request for review of Idaho's Wolf policy here:

You can get to know these wolf advocacy folks below do a tremendous job at working to keep our Gray Wolves in existence.

Please follow them, and help them out when they ask us to take action.

Defenders of Wildlife @defenders

Endangered Species Coalition @endangered
Howling For Wolves @Howling4Wolves
National Resources Defense Council @NRDC
The Center For Biological Diversity @CenterForBioDiv
Wild Earth Guardians @wildearthguard

Thank you for helping to #keepwolveslisted .

Let's end this heartwrenching Gray Wolf bloodbath once and for all, and give our Earth home a break.

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