Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17. 2014


Heyya Wolves!
We are supposed to hear from USFWS pretty soon about their decision to either rescind or push through with their proposal to delist our Gray Wolves in the USA from the Endangered Species List, as endangered species.
If you are interested in investigating the latest development, all I have compiled is here:

We have until the 30th of May to submit a comment, or sign the two existing petitions for our Alaskan Alexander Archipelago Wolves. That information is here:

Our Mexican Gray Wolves still need our voices. Best thing you could do is to follow these folks, and start writing to help our Lobos of the Southwest:

Our Wolves in Minnesota are doing a bang up job by being the voice for Minnesota's wolves. Please get to know Howling For Wolves if you don't already:
@Howling4Wolves on Twitter

Our Wolves in Wisconsin who are working to raise awareness for Wolf Hounding are here:
Wolves of Douglas Co @rachelwt72  on Twitter

Our Wolves in Michigan are here:
Keep Michigan Wolves Protected

As far as wolf saving petitions go?
Wolves, please read these carefully before you sign, retweet on Twitter, or share on Google plus.
If , for instance, as I saw a week ago, there is a petition protesting Idaho Governor Butch Otter's wolf kill plan, but it is addressed to the Government of Ohio, that should be a fair indication that petition is useless.

I claimed earlier that I would not publicly back any one organization over another.
Welp, I'm a woman, and it is my right to change my mind.
Defenders of Wildlife is an amazing advocacy organization.
@Defenders on Twitter
They are practical.
Look what they are doing here to work with ranching interest to forge a spirit of coexistence and sustainable futures for both wolves and livestock :

I have to get back to my studio.
Can't be here all the time now, have gone about as far as I can go with trying to share news and information. Will check in, but this is really up to you Wolves to work for our wolf Buddies.
Thank you.

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