Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 Actions to protest Animal Planet's 
misguided production of
"Man Eating Wolves."
Let's ask the Discovery Channel 
to make this thing go away.

Heyya Wolves!

Don’t know if you already caught all of the action we can take to ask Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel to please remove “Man Eating Wolves” from the airwaves.
This thing they have produced will do no good for our wolves, as it perpetuates false Wolf Myths and verges on outright deceit concerning wolf and human relationships.
Wolves do not prey on humans.
The history of human fatalities due to wolves from Kids 4 Wolves.

“Here are the facts. In North America, 2 people have been allegedly killed by wolves in last 100 years. Both were "iffy" attacks. Both were in proximity to illegal trash dumps, meaning the wolves were eating human food and had lost their fear of humans. The loss of human life was tragic, but it is not a repeating pattern on the wolves' part. The wolf in Minnesota who bit the young camper had been fed at that campsite. I have spent a lot of time close to wild wolves in many situations: when pups are near, when food is near, when they're very hungry, and never once have I felt remotely threatened. Wolves avoid humans. They DO NOT see us as food. All wild animals deserve our respect but wolves don't deserve our fear. In contrast, black bears have killed 63 people in the last 100 years, dogs kill 30 people EACH year, and cows kill 20 people EACH year (that's 1000 TIMES more people than wolves). Don't let @AnimalPlanet fool you. Wolves are not monsters.”

Animal Planet is supposed to have a responsibility to document our Buddies, not to place them in the crosshairs of panicked
wolf hunters via sensationalistic science fiction.

Please take action.

1. We can sign here with Defenders of Wildlife
Demand Animal Planet immediately take their anti-wolf show off the air!

Animal Planet has sadly joined the legions of wolf-haters waging war on our struggling wolves.

As part of their “Monster Week” ratings grab, Animal Planet is airing a lurid, factually absurd, and shameful special called “Man-Eating Super Wolves.” The cable channel has scheduled multiple airings of the show.

The show portrays wolves as bloodthirsty killing machines - exactly the sort of grossly inaccurate propaganda that led to the near-extinction of gray wolves in the Lower 48.

Animal Planet should be ashamed. Tell them to take this show off the air immediately and remove it from their website.

Their online ad, describing wolves, reads “Razor sharp teeth, killer instincts, and senses so precise they hear your beating heart, and your fear. They’re on the hunt, and now with numbers growing out of control, they’re threatening humans like never before.”

This is pure tabloid sensationalism and just plain wrong.

Demand that Animal Planet issue a public apology for gross negligence and damaging information that was aired on National Television.

This show is already fanning the anti-wolf flames in Idaho and other states.

This despicable distortion of reality could not come at a worse time for wolves. Wolf-haters have mounted extermination efforts in Idaho and elsewhere, threatening to reverse two decades of hard-won progress for one of America’s most beloved wild animals. 

TV channels like Animal Planet must accept responsibility for the real-world consequences of airing shoddy tabloid pseudo-documentaries.

Demand that they take the show off the air and remove it from their website immediately.
Thank you for all you do.

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

2. We can sign here with
Animal Planet: Remove Wolf-Hating Episode!

3. We can Leave a comment for Discovery Communications 
”The World’s #1 Non Fiction Media Company”

4. We can leave a comment on Animal Planet’s Facebook Page: 

5. We can call the Discovery Channel:

Thank you for taking the time to speak up for our wolves!

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