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25 Days to Save our Wolves
March 1. 2014

March 1. 2014
Good morning folks at USFWS!
Hope you are well today.

Considering this proposal to delist Gray Wolves?
This proposal is not a good idea. At all.

I've met quite a few pro wolf advocates online.
Not surprising, I know.

What is quizzical to me, is that the majority of them are not citizens of the U.S.A. Yet they know the history of this long running wolf conflict inside and out. They know of you, they know about the Congress people who represent both pro and anti wolf.

These folks, or "Wolves", as we call pro wolf advocates, live in the UK, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and Greece.
What they have in common is that they know the reasons why wolves need to be protected, understanding the role of Apex predators in a healthy environment, and that they all ask me the same question.

"Why is the U.S.A. killing your wolves???"

So, I would like to pose the same question to you.
My reply to them is plain for everyone to see.
State wildlife services kill wolves to protect ranching industry interests.
Is that what you would agree to be correct?
I don't expect a reply from you, but if there was one forthcoming, I would expect it to be truthful.

Thank you.
Have a great day, and I'll speak with you again tomorrow!


We have until March 27 . 2014 to leave a comment regarding your thoughts about the seriously bungled Gray Wolf and Mexican Gray Wolf delisting proposal initiated by
the USFWS.
Tell them they buggered it up. Big time.

Here's the comment form.!submitComment;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073-43030

Here are some talking points you can use, swipe, send.

Here's all of the news about what USFWS did ( and 4 petitions to sign from our wonderful advocate friends at Defenders of Wildlife, Center for Biological Diversity, and Wildearth Guardians )

In a nutshell? The USFWS cut corners, and used a little creative "in house consulting" utilizing scientific research that was highly dubious. They were legally obligated to rely on independent, non biased review. Appears that they stacked the deck in their favor, as they just do not want to work at keeping wolves as a protected species under the E.S.A.
So, they want to wash their hands of protecting wolves as endangered species. No big secret there.
We can't allow that.
You've seen what ID, MT, WY, MI, MN, and WI state wildlife services have done when USFWS said "Go for it folks, YOU manage your wolves".
2,673 Gray Wolves were "managed". To death.

We need to keep the rest of the Gray Wolves in the USA protected.
THEN we are going to find a way to convince those six states to quit managing the wolves there into oblivion, heading toward yet another apex predator extinction in the lower 48 States.

Please comment and sign those org petitions.
This is SO important, can't stress that enough.
Thank you.

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