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21 Days to Save our Wolves
March 5. 2014

March 5. 2014
Hello folks at USFWS!

Look at how many people spoke up about your delisting proposal:

 1,048,645 Comments Received*
*This count refers to the total comments received on this docket, as of 11:59 PM yesterday, ( March 4. 2014 ) from and alternate means. All comments including the bulk submissions received for this docket may not be posted at this time; therefore, the counts may differ between: total comments received and posted, as well as the counts shown on the Docket Folder Summary page.

Public opinion majority supports continued protection for the Gray Wolf under the Endangered Species Act.

That has not changed since the time you reopened the comment submissions due to a reassessment of the proposal, as it was publicized that fatally flawed science was used to base the decision to even consider delisting Gray Wolves as endangered.

From Defenders of Wildlife ~ July 19-2013
" Most Americans don’t support delisting – A new national poll shows that only 1 in 3 Americans supports the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to strip federal Endangered Species Act protections for most gray wolves nationwide. Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,378 registered voters and found that 70 percent believe that wolves are a vital part of America’s wilderness and natural heritage. Half of the respondents think the wolf population in the lower 48 has still not recovered, and more than half think wolves should be given a chance to return to places like Colorado and California where there are no wolves today."

The poll, conducted in early September for Defenders by Tulchin Research, shows that most Californians, Oregonians and Washingtonians want wolf recovery efforts to continue:

More than two-thirds in each state agree that wolves are a vital part of the America’s wilderness and natural heritage and should be protected in their state 
(OR – 68%; WA – 75%; CA – 83%)

More than two-thirds in each state agree that wolves play an important role in maintaining deer and elk populations, bringing a healthier balance to ecosystems 
(OR – 69%; WA – 74%; CA – 73%)

At least two-thirds in each state support restoring wolves to suitable habitat in their states (OR – 66%; WA – 71%; CA – 69%)

Large majorities in each state agree that wolves should continue to be protected under the Endangered Species Act until they are fully recovered 

(OR – 63%; WA – 72%; CA – 80%)

Please just drop the proposal soon and let's find a way to implement co-existence policies and Re-List the states who are "managing" to harvest far too many wolves to constitute a successful recovery.

Will be speaking with you again tomorrow!
Thank you.


We have until March 27 . 2014 to leave a comment regarding your thoughts about the seriously bungled Gray Wolf and Mexican Gray Wolf delisting proposal initiated by
the USFWS.
Tell them they buggered it up. Big time.

Here's the comment form.!submitComment;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073-43030

Here are some talking points you can use, swipe, send.

Here's all of the news about what USFWS did ( and 4 petitions to sign from our wonderful advocate friends at Defenders of Wildlife, Center for Biological Diversity, and Wildearth Guardians )

In a nutshell? The USFWS cut corners, and used a little creative "in house consulting" utilizing scientific research that was highly dubious. They were legally obligated to rely on independent, non biased review. Appears that they stacked the deck in their favor, as they just do not want to work at keeping wolves as a protected species under the E.S.A.
So, they want to wash their hands of protecting wolves as endangered species. No big secret there.
We can't allow that.
You've seen what ID, MT, WY, MI, MN, and WI state wildlife services have done when USFWS said "Go for it folks, YOU manage your wolves".
2,673 Gray Wolves were "managed". To death.

We need to keep the rest of the Gray Wolves in the USA protected.
THEN we are going to find a way to convince those six states to quit managing the wolves there into oblivion, heading toward yet another apex predator extinction in the lower 48 States.

Please comment and sign those org petitions.
This is SO important, can't stress that enough.
Thank you.

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