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24 Days to Save our Wolves
March 2. 2014

March 2. 2014
Good morning folks at USFWS!


Frankly I don't even know where to start
to address the frustration concerning the hand our Mexican Gray Wolves have been dealt.

How is it possible for USFWS to stall on their recovery plan for this long?
"Critically endangered" is the status of Mexican Gray Wolves. 
Not "sort of endangered", or "a little bit endangered", but very much endangered. 
Critically so.
They are in crisis mode.

Just recently it was announced that two Mexican Gray Wolves were to be released into Arizona, while one uncollared Mexican Gray Wolf was to be live captured in New Mexico, and carted off to whereabouts unknown? What are your plans for this lady Mexican Gray Wolf?
Will she be having pups?
Will the pups be stuck in sanctuary while yet more time is spent mulling over an appropriate recovery plan, based on sound science, and then implemented when?

And while we are on the subject of her removal, do you even know with absolute certainty that she is the one responsible for the claimed depredation?
Why are you hauling off wolves who are "suspected" of livestock depredation that occurs on public land?
Why does this become a "wolf issue" instead of addressing the fact that ranchers who graze their livestock on federally owned, tax payer funded, public lands should be held responsible for keeping their livestock safe. Without tax payers funding the removal of a critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolf, who has been "accused" of predation.
Are these cattle critically endangered?
Are we facing the extinction of cattle in New Mexico?
Where would that news be found?

Mexican Gray Wolves cannot afford the luxury of time that the USFWS obviously has to burn through.
Their clock is ticking down rapidly.
Concerning their genetic diversity?
What diversity?
They are trapped in sanctuary, instead of being allowed to be wild wolves, which is what they are, and permitted to travel freely to date and mate with other wild wolves.

So the beautiful little Mexican Gray Wolves in sanctuary are getting too old to have pups.
How does the USFWS see this as effective recovery?

Thank you.
Have a great day, and I'll speak with you again tomorrow!


We have until March 27 . 2014 to leave a comment regarding your thoughts about the seriously bungled Gray Wolf and Mexican Gray Wolf delisting proposal initiated by
the USFWS.
Tell them they buggered it up. Big time.

Here's the comment form.!submitComment;D=FWS-HQ-ES-2013-0073-43030

Here are some talking points you can use, swipe, send.

Here's all of the news about what USFWS did ( and 4 petitions to sign from our wonderful advocate friends at Defenders of Wildlife, Center for Biological Diversity, and Wildearth Guardians )

In a nutshell? The USFWS cut corners, and used a little creative "in house consulting" utilizing scientific research that was highly dubious. They were legally obligated to rely on independent, non biased review. Appears that they stacked the deck in their favor, as they just do not want to work at keeping wolves as a protected species under the E.S.A.
So, they want to wash their hands of protecting wolves as endangered species. No big secret there.
We can't allow that.
You've seen what ID, MT, WY, MI, MN, and WI state wildlife services have done when USFWS said "Go for it folks, YOU manage your wolves".
2,673 Gray Wolves were "managed". To death.

We need to keep the rest of the Gray Wolves in the USA protected.
THEN we are going to find a way to convince those six states to quit managing the wolves there into oblivion, heading toward yet another apex predator extinction in the lower 48 States.

Please comment and sign those org petitions.
This is SO important, can't stress that enough.
Thank you.

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