Saturday, February 22, 2014

Heyya Wolves!
Here's the deal on the War on Wolves as I see it.

Ah, we have a major conflict between we "ProWolves" who believe that our Gray Wolves have every right to be on the Earth, that is their home, and those humans, "AntiWolves", who see them as as threat to their livelihood (ranching) and hunt them as "predator control". 

Next we have those folks who hunt Wolves for fun,  the Wolf trophy hunters. They like to pose for portrait photos afterwards. They are usually holding up our now dead as a doornail Wolf Buddy, in a bear hug. Twisted folks if you ask me.

THEN we have the Wolf trappers. I'll refrain from describing just how very twisted I view these folks to be. They may or may not use or sell the wolf pets taken from our tortured wolves.
If you have time, there are Ban trapping petitions here:

Let's start with the perceived livelihood threat that Wolves pose to ranch business owners .Those humans would own cows and sheep. The ranchers. Many of them see wolves as the ultimate enemy, as wolves have been known to eat cows and sheep. Yet our wolf Buddies do not dine on as many sheeps and cows as you may have been led to believe. 

MYTH:  Wolves kill lots of cattle, lead to lower birth rates, and are causing cattle ranchers to go out of business.

FACT: Wolves are responsible for less than two tenths of a percent (.2%) of cattle depredations.  94% of losses are due to non-predator related causes, such as respiratory disease, digestive problems, weather, calving problems, etc.  Thank you Predator Defense.

AND , think about this?  Wolves are wild dogs. Your domestic doggo ? What do you feed your pup ? Is there beef in that commercial dog food you feed Sparky? 
Yup, could very well be the first ingredient listed on the bag or the can.

Dogs and Cows. 
Actually domestic dogs kill more livestock than wolves do. It does not appear that states have a hunting and trapping season on domestic dogs. How weird would that be?
Domestic dogs are not an endangered species, gray wolves still are.

Ranching interests have every available tool at their disposal to deter wolf predation from annihilating their sheep and cattle. It's not rocket science, but it does entail work.
There are many ranchers who will go the extra mile to safeguard their business and protect wolves from lethal wolf management. To these people, we say: 
"You decent ranching folks ROCK! Thank you for being compassionate humans." 
Here's a very cool ranching lady here, she's an advocate for co-existence with coyotes.
You can read all about Non lethal predator controls here:

Wolves and Deers.  They are Predator and Prey. 
Nature's food chain is a bitch. I hate it, but that is the way that it is.

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