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Updated August 8. 2014 

Demand That the BLM Prevent a Predator-Killing Contest!
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A “hunter' rights” organization has formally requested a federal permit to hold a multi-year predator-killing derby in Idaho -- on national public lands!

If approved this will be the second competitive wolf-killing competition held in Idaho - and no predator will be safe!

If you think it can’t get worse, consider this: The proposed event would take place every winter for five years when wolves and other wildlife are most vulnerable out foraging for food in the snow and extreme cold.

The petition letter: 
I am adamantly opposed to the request from Idaho for Wildlife to host a multi-year, commercial derby-style hunt for wolves and other predators on more than 3 million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands in Idaho, including 17 areas specially managed to preserve their wilderness character. This event would be damaging to the affected ecosystem, harmful to threatened and sensitive species, incompatible with modern day scientific principles for public lands and wildlife management, and offensive to the concept of fair chase. I strongly urge you to deny this request for a special use permit to a hold a multi-year predator derby on public lands in Idaho. At the very least, this permit request demands a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The proposed action area is vast, covering a matrix of land types inhabited by several sensitive and threatened species and is proposed to recur annually for five years. These attributes require full and thorough evaluation through the preparation of an EIS. 

The proposed derby would continue the violent persecution of wolves in Idaho. Repeated, concentrated targeting of wolves led to the species' extirpation in Idaho historically and could contribute to serious declines in the species again. As a BLM-designated sensitive species, the agency must analyze how the proposed derby will affect its responsibility to sustain wolf populations on BLM lands. Federal taxpayers spent millions of dollars returning this important apex predator back on the landscape, and this event would recklessly undermine that investment.

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Please take action via comment against this. Thank you.

by Ken Cole ~ August 5, 2014

The BLM has issued a “scoping letter” asking people to provide comments on the scope of what the BLM should consider in an Environmental Assessment they intend to conduct on the impacts of a proposed “predator derby” on the BLM lands surrounding the Salmon, Idaho area during the weekend of January 2-4, 2015.   The 15-day public comment period started on August 4th and will extend to August 18, 2014. The “predator derby” is being hosted by Idaho for Wildlife, the same outfit that held the coyote and wolf killing contest in Salmon last winter. Last year the derby was infiltrated by activists and a journalist, Christopher Ketcham, who wrote: How to Kill a Wolf | VICE United States.

Currently, the issues identified to analyze in the EA include:

1. How would the proposed event impact economic and social values;
2. How would the proposed project impact existing recreational uses; and
3. How would the proposed action affect wildlife habitat and threatened species in the project area.

You can suggest other issues that should be considered or weigh in on these three issues that have already been identified.

After the scoping period and development of the Environmental Assessment, a 15-day comment period will be held in September and the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Environmental Assessment.

Please send comments to the following before August 18, 2014:

Liz Townley
Outdoor Recreation Planner

or to:

Salmon Field Office
1405 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83467

For more information please contact Liz Townley, Outdoor Recreation Planner by email at or by phone at (208) 756-5425.

To view the scoping letter and other materials click here.


Issue a Special Recreation Permit to Idaho for Wildlife to host a competitive predator hunting derby on public lands located in the Challis, Salmon, and Upper Snake Field Offices.


The proposed action is for the BLM to permit Idaho for Wildlife to hold an annual predator hunt derby on public lands managed by the Challis, Salmon, and Upper Snake Field Offices of the Idaho Falls District totaling approximately 3,100,000 acres (see attachment A). Registration for the event would occur online or in person at a private business in Salmon, Idaho. After applicants have registered, they would hunt for as many predators as they were able to harvest within 3 days following the check-in. There would be no trapping for any species allowed as part of this event. Participants would drive their harvested predators to Salmon, where they would compete against other hunters for the highest number of points. A point system would be established and applied to different predators. Coyotes, skunks, weasels, jackrabbits, raccoons and starlings are classified by Idaho law as predatory. Predatory wildlife may be taken in any number year-round and at any time by holders of the appropriate valid Idaho hunting or trapping licenses, provided such taking is not in violation of state, county or city laws, ordinances, rules or regulations. The Canadian Gray Wolf, which is listed as a big game predator is also an acceptable targeted predator species as part of this event. All rules and hunting regulations associated with a purchased Wolf tag can be found at

The applicant would be permitted to host a competitive event on public lands, and as such would have to comply with all regulations associated with these lands, including travel designations, game retrieval laws, shooting restrictions (i.e campgrounds, buildings).

In addition,

The design features/stipulations identified as part of the proposed event include:

All Idaho Fish and Game hunting rules would apply;
This event could occur between December 15 and January 15, and would be valid for 5 years after a successful initial 1 year probation period given the applicant completed the annual permit maintenance required and followed all applicable laws, regulations, and stipulations;
Three consecutive days of competitive use of public lands would be authorized under this permit;
The anticipated use is between 250 to 300 registered competitors, however, the permit would allow for up to 500 competitors to accommodate growth in subsequent years; and
The event would be permitted for up to 3 actual use days, where hunters are on public lands competing in the event.

Monitoring would be conducted at random to ensure the applicant is implementing the stipulations and design features identified. A BLM representative would be present at the pre-meet and registration to ensure the applicable stipulations are clearly communicated to the contestants.

There are 17 WSA’s located in the action area including Appendicitis Hill, Black Canyon, Borah Peak, Boulder Creek, Burnt Creek, Cedar Butte, China Cup Butte, Corral-horse Basin, Eighteen Mile, Goldburg, Hawley Mountain, Hell’s Half Acre, Jerry Peak, Jerry Peak West, Sand Mountain, Snake River Islands, and White Knob Mountains. The non-impairment mandate states, under FLMPA Section 603 (c):

“During the period of review of such areas and until Congress has determined otherwise, the Secretary shall continue to manage such lands according to his authority under this Act and other applicable law in a manger so as not to impair the suitability of such areas for preservation as wilderness.”

Issuing Special Recreation Permits is an activity recognized by congress as an acceptable use within a WSA, as stated in BLM Manual 6330- Management of BLM Wilderness Study Areas Section 6 (m):

“Activities that require authorization under a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) will be allowed only if the use and related facilities satisfy the non-impairment criteria (and therefore do not involve a use of the WSA that would be incompatible with wilderness designation). Examples of uses that may be authorized include river trip outfitters, hunting or fishing guides, group backpack trips, and providers of pack animals and saddle horses.”

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Ken Cole
Ken Cole, Western Watershed Project’s National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Coordinator, is a 5th generation Idahoan, an avid fly fisherman, wildlife enthusiast, and photographer. He is also serves as a member of the board of directors for Buffalo Field Campaign and as a member of the Sierra Club Grazing Core Team.

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13 Responses to another wolf/coyote killing contest being planned for january in salmon, idaho

avatarGary Humbard says:
August 5, 2014 at 8:17 pm
As a former 37 year career employee of the BLM, this proposal goes against everything I worked so hard for in representing the BLM as a professional agency.

I will make sure my comments to the BLM will pertain to the negative impacts if a SRP is issued, keeping in mind that BLM manages the land and not the wildlife. Differentiating the two is difficult to do but necessary, and since I don’t know the area, my comments will be generalized.

avatarMark L says:
August 6, 2014 at 6:38 am
“Coyotes, skunks, weasels, jackrabbits, raccoons and starlings are classified by Idaho law as predatory.”
What do jackrabbits predate?

avatarNancy says:
August 6, 2014 at 7:20 am
Alfalfa, barley, hay, etc. Course if they’d leave the weasels and coyotes alone, they’d take of the jackrabbits.

avatarIda Lupine says:
August 6, 2014 at 8:35 am
It sounds like a ‘kill anything that moves’ war philosophy, and this way it looks like it’s not just about wolves, although it is. I hope the next time a species is delisted amid controversy, the people in government take heed at what’s happened with the wolf – far from being a reasonable, rational, science-based Democratic utopian dream approach – the reality is that the wolf states have raised complete hell now that they have wolves at their mercy and in their sights – self-serving, irrational, childish behavior resulting in unfair and unethical rulings and laws.

I think the gentleman behind this predator derby is one of those calling loudly for the delisting of grizzlies too.

Idaho and Wisconsin seem to be vying for the title of the worst behaved state in the Union – and Wisconsin is winning!

avatarAmre says:
August 6, 2014 at 7:02 am
Predator derbies are simply disgusting. Its a good thing some states like california are trying to ban them. Whats wrong with Idaho? “Game” managers and hunters there just can’t accept naturally functioning ecosystems, the state gives $400,000 to kill all but 150 of the states wolves, and they allow things like this to happen on public land. I am just sick of the hunting community, ranchers, and other wolf haters in the NRM.

avatarIda Lupine says:
August 6, 2014 at 7:29 am
How would any wolves taken in the predator derby factor into Idaho’s wolf take numbers for the Salmon area? Or will they conveniently not include it in the hunting take as is done for poaching?

This is just another attempt to stick it to wolf advocate, and I’m surprised the BLM is getting into it. Starting early this year!

avatarCris Waller says:
August 6, 2014 at 7:37 am
What’s with the BLM using the “Canadian Gray Wolf” jargon? Are they copying from promo materials sent to them by the organizer?

avatarR. Harold Smoot says:
August 6, 2014 at 8:24 am
So this is what hunting’s about these days?

I read a post on an anti-wolf FB page from a fella based out of Missoula a few days back claiming that the downfall of the white man and Norman Rockwell’s vision of America was being destroyed by blacks and in some irrational verbage used the analogy on why wolves needed to be wiped out – and I’m assuming he was suggesting blacks as well.

Then you have Ted Nugent – he can’t make music very well anymore so he blatantly kills wildlife while putting his foot in his mouth over the same race card.

Photos of men in Klansmen hoods posing with a dead wolf. Unfound fears and hatred of animals based on centuries old fairy tales and myths. Irrational notions of entitlement when it comes to wildlife ‘management.’

This is what the modern day hunter represents – or at least the perception they seem to go out of their way to present to the general public each and every day.

Calling into question another wolf/coyote derby only scratches at the surface. What needs to be answered is the underlying reasons and desires to hold such an event in the first place. Break the skin there and I’m certain you won’t like what you’ll find.

avatarElizabeth Huntley says:
August 6, 2014 at 8:55 am
My sentiments exactly Cris…so how beneficial is the mass slaughter of wildlife to the area? “Thrill killing” is not beneficial in any way to anyone or to the environment, only to the executioners.

avatarYvette says:
August 6, 2014 at 8:59 am
Now is our chance to provide input. I highly doubt they will pay heed to comments full of emotion and hyperbole, but if we reference the Wilderness Act and scientific research we’ll have a better chance of having concerns addressed. I’m going to shoot for optimism and say we might have a chance to stop this killing derby.

R. Harold Smoot, spot on! “Calling into question another wolf/coyote derby only scratches at the surface. What needs to be answered is the underlying reasons and desires to hold such an event in the first place. Break the skin there and I’m certain you won’t like what you’ll find.”

I’ve pondered this for a year now. It was only last fall/winter that I was exposed to the voracity of hate and loathing directed at wolves by some segments of our population. I just started reading a book, “Vicious” that is a history on the treatment of wolves since the arrival of European settlers. The author conducted the research for his PhD in history. I think the book may shed some light on the questions I’ve been asking myself about the wolfers. Those questions really lead to all predator hunters. Also, predator hunters, especially the wolf and coyote hunters, seem to take an especially sick joy of taunting those of us that are pro-wildlife, pro-environment and conservation.

Lastly, Nugent once made good music? Nah, LOL, he’s always sucked.

avatarMark L says:
August 6, 2014 at 11:19 am
Yvette, for the most part I agree.
Re: Nugent
(…much like Einstein) He was revolutionary in his youth, and became reactionary in his age.

avatarWM says:
August 6, 2014 at 9:49 am
From their scoping announcement:

++The Canadian Gray Wolf, which is listed as a big game predator is also an acceptable targeted predator species as part of this event.++

What kind of dingbat wrote this up? There is no reference whatsoever in the ID wolf hunting regulations to “Canadian” or “Gray,” just wolf hunting (generic term).

Second, it does not specify what detailed activities would occur on BLM/federal land. Recall this past predator derby was very precise in pointing out that the derby tickets and any organized activities would occur on private land or in town, and NOT on federal land. Each participant would access federal land on his or her own to participate in the event – things they could do whether they held a derby ticket or not. Thus the federal government had no basis to require a special use permit.

What has changed? Did the event organizers decide to have a camp or sell tickets and/or give awards while on federal land?

Third. The Fact Sheet accompanying the Scoping Letter is very careful to put side rails on the issues affecting its decision – hunting predators as long as you have a license – is allowed under state law, among other things. The federal government is not a wildlife manager, except in the case of specific legislation or a species listed in the ESA. So, what are they managing here?

So, in conclusion, what the hell are the evaluating? Maybe bringing in port-a-potties for a central gathering area, or a seasonal campground?

Can they stop the event if they do not issue the permit?

I’m confused.

avatarskyrim says:
August 6, 2014 at 11:01 am
I have lost the ability to express my sentiments in a civil manner. Is there room for the rants of angry man? I’ve already written off Idaho, so I can’t threaten to withhold my travel dollars. What’s a guy to do? ^..^


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