Friday, July 25, 2014

Social media 
(Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus), Online relationships, and Online Animal Rights Activism versus Real World Activism.

Ok. Time for a reality check.

Online accounts are cloaked in anonymity.

We don’t really know to whom we are speaking with, do we?
How many of us use any search tools to investigate the Twitter follower, Facebook “friend”, or GooglePlus “circler”?
Thought so.

We don’t give it a second thought, until something ominous happens. And even then, do you think that any of the folks behind the curtains of these online platforms will take you seriously when you file a report?

They certainly did not for me when I filed a complaint on both FB and Twitter after being threatened with death by someone claiming to be an ex con in a federal penitentiary . Oh, yeh, he also traffics prostitution with Asian women. I found this loser because he was threatening my friend, who asked for my help, as she was not on FB. Scary thing was that after all of that discovery, she still refused to block him on Twitter.

So, if you are an online animal rights activist, and you go off your nut by saying “Kill the hunter”?

You might think you are entitled to express your outrage on behalf of the Buddy who just suffered and died, be they a rhino with no horn, a canned hunt lion victim, an elephant ivory trophy, or a dog or cat in Romania or China, either buried or boiled alive.

Ok, I’m not heartless, but I have to ask you.

HOW do you know for a fact that any of these photos making the rounds on social media are true? Where are the links to the news that cannot be refuted?
Time after time I have had well meaning activists ask me to please RT a tweet with a photo, and a hashtag exclaiming some kind of outrage towards Buddy cruelty.
I used to. Until I was called out about sharing a bogus alarm.
“Embarrassed” does not begin to describe what I felt when I realized I had been unwittingly sucked into sharing a scam.

Then we have global activists who are not familiar with all of the details involved in a crisis outside a country they reside in. That’s why I stay far away now from Taiji, Japan, or the badger cull in the U.K. Because I do not live there. I can barely comprehend the complexities of the politics in my own country.

The reason for my whining here?

I’m sick of asking activists to be careful when they rant.
I have asked a few to please leave my name off of their emotionally charged “kill the hunter” posts, as I do not want to have my name on the NSA list as a person of interest under a category of radical animal rights activism.

So, if I unfollowed you?

That is why.

Be careful.

Activism carries a responsibility far beyond your ReTweet button, or share and like on Facebook, folks.

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