Saturday, April 12, 2014


Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Conservation Report Card

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund puts together an annual report card that evaluates how all members of Congress voted on key conservation issues. The recently released 2013 report card helps provide a clear evaluation of how well your senators and representatives are protecting the wildlife and wild lands that you care so deeply about.

The proof is in the score – how did your representatives rank?

Did they vote to drill for oil in the Arctic Refuge? Find out!
Are they in favor of destroying our national forests through excessive logging? Find out!
Do they want to cut funding for land conservation? Find out!

The Action Fund’s report card is a unique resource to see just how your elected representative is voting when it comes to conserving our nation’s wildlife and natural heritage. Please take a look at how they did, but more importantly, let them know what you think! By showing your elected official that you’re paying attention to their votes, you can have a major impact on the future of our wildlife and wild places. 

So check it out – did they do well, or are they failing our environment? Be sure to contact them to express your disappointment if they are failing wildlife or your thanks if they’re supporting our planet with their influential votes.

Show your congressional representatives you are holding them accountable for their actions and help inspire a change for our nation’s natural heritage for future generations!
Thanks for all you do.

Robert Dewey
Vice President for Government Relations
Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund Conservation Report Card

U.S.A. House of Representatives 
Conservation Report Card

U.S.A. Senate

Conservation Report Card

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