Friday, January 24, 2014

Heyya President Obama!

How are you?
Hopefully very well.

I need to speak with you about a matter that really should never have been a
concern, but unfortunately it is. A very real, extremely contentious, and important matter.

The issue of our Gray Wolves in the U.S.A.

Don't know how much you have been following this conflict, so I'll share the info that I have.

Well, Wolves  in the USA were protected under the umbrella of the Endangered Species Act, until
2009.  ( Because they were pretty much rendered extinct in the USA, thanks to very successful wolf hunting.) A group of concerned scientists managed to get their hands on some wolves from Canada, and cart them back to the USA,.
I like to refer to that as the Genesis of the Gray Wolf Recovery.

So, now we have some wolves in the Lower 48, they are hanging out in the western USA, Rocky Mountain states.
Wolves do what wolves do. They feast on elk, deer, occassionally a bison, and they live in packs. Sometimes extended packs. ( Friendly in laws, go figure! )
The wolves love each other,  sometimes, and then they have children.
We call them wolf pups or wolf cubs.

So, all is well in the newly re-established realm of  wolves. Or so it seems.
( Sorry for the long wind up, but it has been ....years )

Starting ..... your appointed Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazaar, whom if I am not mistaken, may have been more sympathetic to the ranching industry versus the community of US citizens who have paid in many tax dollars for this Gray Wolf Recovery.
Under Mr. Salazaar's reign we witnessed the U.S. states of Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan rally successfully and convince the USFWS that wolves in their states had reached a recovery level that would no longer merit protection as endangered species under the ESA.
(Actually, you can catch the latest word from your employee at the USFWS, Director Dan Ashe.
He has his own blog.
Very creative writing from Mr.Ashe , I might add.)

Fast forward.
Utah Senator Orrin Hatch decides he will round up 72 of his Congressional pals to sign this letter to .... saying, in essence, let's kill a bunch of those happy wolves.
Rather quirky request from Mr. Hatch, as he lives in Utah, and there are no Gray Wolves in Utah.
So why does this issue concern him?

Somehow, this letter is not seen for the ridiculous speculation that it is.

Mythological, fantastic, and should be taken under consideration of being included in the finest collection of fairy tales.

Let's tie this letter up.

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